Opimian Team

Meet the People Behind the Club

Management Team

Guy Parent, CPA, CGA, General Manager

Guy brings a wealth of executive experience in business and the not-for- profit sector. In the past 15 years he has held executive positions with professional associations as varied as those representing university alumni, engineers, and insurance brokers.

Guy served as General Manager of Regroupement des cabinets de courtage d’assurance du Quebec (RCCAQ), the professional association of insurance brokers and brokerage firms that seeks to promote and defend the socio-economic interests of its members. As General Manager, Guy supported the RCCAQ’s strategic planning and managed all operations including the organization’s outreach efforts. Guy’s business experience includes being Vice-President, finance and administration for LCC Vins & Spiritueux, the fifth largest wine and spirits agency in Quebec.

In his thirty-year career, Guy has gained vast experience in business strategy, accounting, human resources, marketing, communications and member/customer and government relations.  Guy is a member the Québec CPAs Order as well as the Canada CPAs Order.

Véronique Paquin CPA, CGA, Finance Manager

Véronique brings to Opimian a solid expertise in accounting operations, financial analyst and management. A recognized manager, she has a talent to make the numbers come alive. Revenue and profit management, currencies, and accounting operations have no secrets for her.

Through her initiative, team spirit, analytical skills and ease with computers, she has successfully completed several projects to implement and improve systems and process reengineering; all contributing for to efficiency and cost reduction. She became Green Belt Lean Six Sigma when she was working at Colabor and was part of the administration system transformation team at La Presse. Véronique is also a member of Order of CPAs in Québec and in Canada.

Anna Tarzia Zappia, Wine Sourcing and Logistics Manager

Since 1979 Anna has been a staple of the Opimian management team. She understands the need for a respectful and personal relationship with those who craft the beverage of the gods that is so dear to us. Opimian’s continued growth and selection of future wine producers will rely heavily on her intimate understanding of the wine industry ecosystem and her broad knowledge of wine as such.

Hugues Clément, IT Manager

Before devoting his work full-time to Opimian, Hugues served for seven years as IT Director at Philippe Dandurand Wines Ltd. During that time Hugues gained important experience in managing IT projects related to the wine business. Throughout the years, he has managed his way through all possible IT positions, starting as a database programmer at Vidéotron Telecom Ltd. to quickly move to team leader and database administrator at TouchTunes Digital Jukebox Inc. He acquired a lot of skills in managing teams and complex IT projects for rapidly growing businesses as demonstrated between 2003 and 2010 at Garda Security Group where he managed multiple IT integrations when the company entered the aviation service market. In his twenty-year career, Hugues has gained vast experience in business intelligence (BI), third-party software integration and software design, which has allowed him to implement tailor-made solutions for each organization that he has worked for.

Opimian Team

Member Experience

  • Joao Barrote
  • Leah Beauchamp
  • Preety Dabeedoal (maternity leave)
  • Cendrine Fioriti


Marketing, Communications, Events & AR Relations

  • Zoé Cappe
  • Kim Tien Huynh
  • Anaïs Philippe
  • Jennifer Schumacher


Wine Sourcing and Logistics

  • Asuncion Fernandez
  • Anne-Geneviève Poitras



  • Santa Balance
  • William Crotty