About the Wine Club


Opimian is Canada’s largest private and non-profit wine club. With its privileged access to the best winemakers in the world, Opimian offers its members EXCLUSIVE wines. We guarantee of the quality of the offered wines, as they are all tasted and approved by Jane Masters, Opimian’s Master of Wine.

How our membership works

Become a Member

  • To be an Opimian member, you must be of the legal drinking age designated by your province or territory of residence.
  • The annual membership fee is $69, plus applicable sales tax.
  • For new members, add a $40 registration fee (total of $109 plus applicable sales tax).
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Explore our Cellar Offerings and Vino Etcetera

Every year, we provide 9 Cellar Offerings, which are directly mailed to members. They feature:

  • More than 500 exclusive wines only available to Opimian members
  • Over 100 producers from 13 countries and 120 wine regions
  • Food pairing tips, cellaring advice, and tasting notes from Jane Masters MW

Delivered along with your Cellar Offering, read Vino Etcetera, Opimian’s lifestyle magazine, to learn about the producers, their stories and the special places where wines are produced.

Browse the Cellar Offerings

Browse the Vino Etcetera

Order your Wines

  • Connect with our wine experts. They are available to provide you with suggestions and to share their knowledge.
  • You can also enroll in one of our 3 wine programs where we automatically put together a case of 6 bottles. You’ll receive one case to enjoy from each of the 9 Cellar Offerings.

While waiting for your Wines, Participate in Tasting Events

  • At the time of your order, the wines are still at the wineries. Carefully prepared by our producers, the wines are then shipped to your attention, to each provincial liquor board or our partners across Canada.
  • Expect shipping periods of between 4 to 6 months.
  • In the meantime, participate in exclusive events organized by one of our 24 Opimian representatives within your community. It’s an opportunity to meet fellow members, taste wines, and have great discussions.

Receive and Enjoy your Wines

  • When your wines have arrived, you can pick them up at your selected delivery location.
  • Uncork and enjoy with friends and family.

Share your Joy of Wine

Opimian is more than a wine club. It’s a community of wine lovers who wish to share their joy of wine.

In addition to events, members can meet and exchange with the people behind the wines you enjoy at any of our producer tasting events. For avid travelers, Opimian can connect you to our producers for private winery visits at their facilities and access to other exclusivities.

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