Terms and conditions


Legal Requirements

To receive an Opimian membership, you must be of the legal drinking age designated by your province or territory of residence.

Membership and Renewal

By becoming a member of Opimian Wine Club de Vin, you agree that:

  1. your credit card will be billed the annual fee of $89, plus applicable sales tax. For new members, a $40 one-time registration fee is added to cover administrative costs, for a total of $129 plus applicable sales tax.
  2. your membership is valid for 12 months from your enrolment date and is automatically renewed annually unless you contact us before your anniversary date.

An Opimian membership includes:

  • Access to 10 Cellar Offerings featuring more than 500  wines exclusive to Opimian members.
  • Connection with over 100 exclusive producers from 13 countries worldwide and 120 wine regions.
  • Quality assurance of the wines. They are tasted and approved by our Masters of Wine.​
  • Events for members and their guests to attend within their communities.​
  • Access to winery tours, travel and other exclusivities.
  • Knowledge gained from our wine experts: Masters of Wine and our Member Experience team.
  • Shared knowledge with other wine lovers.

Opimian’s main communication channel is email. Members are responsible to ensure their current email on file is updated and that Opimian is on their approved contact list in order to receive our emails.

Opimian is a not-for-profit organization and uses annual dues toward operating costs.

Opimian’s Board of Directors reviews each membership application and has the power to revoke membership as it sees fit.

Membership Cancellation

Members can cancel their memberships before their annual renewal date by contacting Opimian’s Member Experience team. Once the renewal date has passed, cancellation for that year is not possible.

Payment Methods

Payments for memberships, orders, events, and wine programs can be made Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Ordering Wine

Orders are made via Cellar Offerings, which are issued 10 times throughout the annual Cellar Offering season. Available both in print and online, Cellar Offerings feature more than 500 exclusive wines. Orders are made by case and the number of bottles per case is displayed on each wine description in the Cellar Offerings. Orders can be made online, via email, or by phone.

Order Pricing Structure

Alcohol taxes vary by province or territory. Pricing conforms to the liquor board of the province or territory from which an order is placed.

Cancelling an Order

Cancelling an order is required before the end date of each Cellar Offering. Once the Cellar Offering closing date has passed, cancellations are no longer possible. To cancel an order, contact the Member Experience team.

Delivery Time

At the time of the order, the wines are still being produced our suppliers’ wineries. Partners and provincial/territorial liquor boards oversee each shipment. On average, deliveries take between 4-6 months from the closing date of the Cellar Offering but can vary depending on the province or territory.

Pick-up location

The closest pick-up location is assigned to each member based on his or her home address, which cannot be changed unless the member moves. Members can add up to 2 alternate pick-up locations and can select one of these when ordering wines, provided that the liquor store is within the member’s province. It is important to note that Canadian liquor laws do not permit shipment outside of the province or territory from which an order was placed. This means if a member places an order in Ontario, the wine can only be delivered in Ontario.

Once the liquor board or territory advises Opimian that the wine is ready for pick up, Opimian emails their members that a pick-up notice is ready online to be printed out. Members need a printed copy of the pick-up notice and their Opimian card/or a piece of photo ID to retrieve their wine.

Members have 30 days from the release date to pick up their wines. After this period, Opimian cannot accept responsibility for unclaimed wines.


Neither Opimian nor liquor boards are permitted to ship alcohol across provincial borders. Wines can only be delivered to the province from which they were ordered. If a member moves within the same province after placing an order, Opimian can reroute their wine to a new pick-up location, which may prolong the delivery time. If a member moves to another province, he or she will need to designate a proxy by filling out the appropriate information on their pick-up notice and give to the proxy to provide at pickup. Once the address change is made, future Cellar Offerings will be mailed to member’s’ new home address and the member will automatically be directed to their province’s pricing on the website.

Address or pick-up locations can be changed online or by contacting our Member Experience Team.


If members cannot pick up their wines, they can designate a proxy to pick up their wine on their behalf by filling out the relevant information on the pick-up notice and giving to the proxy to provide at pick-up.

Wine Credits

Opimian offers wine credits to its members, which are exchangeable for the purchase of wine, memberships or events. Wine credits are available in a past member’s account for a period of 5 years, at which time they will be voided.

For members who previously had coupons, these coupons have been converted to wine credits at a one-to-one ratio. This means that if a member had $100 worth of coupons, he or she now has $100 in wine credits.

Wine Programs

Opimian offers 3 wine programs: Discovery, Select Plus, and Founders’ Choice. These programs provide members with cases curated by Opimian’s Masters of Wine. Enrollment in a wine program serves as an enhancement to membership and does not prevent members from ordering additional wines from the Cellar Offering.

Wine program prices vary depending on the province or territory. Once signed up for a wine program, members automatically receive 9 cases throughout the year, one case for each new Cellar Offering. The case is shipped to the member’s preferred pick-up location.

Wine Programs Description:

  • Discovery: contains 6 mixed bottles of ready-to-drink wines featured in the current Cellar Offering.
  • Select Plus Wine Program: contains 6 mixed bottles combining ready-to-drink wines and wine for mid-term ageing. These wines are also featured in the current Cellar Offering.
  • Founders’ Choice Wine Program: contains 6 bottles for mid to long-term ageing. These exclusive wines are not featured in the Cellar Offering.


Events are open to both members and non-members. Registration and payments are all made online. Cancellations with refunds must be made according to the cancellation policy as stated on the invitation.

Members’ Behaviour

Opimian’s wine community is made up of wine lovers who want to share their passion for wine. Opimian offers several opportunities for members to exchange with each other. Opimian expects its members to behave in a reasonable way towards employees, members, and other stakeholders. Opimian expects that members will:

  • be considerate and respectful to all community members
  • be responsible and restrain from impaired driving
  • refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behaviour, materials, and speech.
  • speak up or report any disrespectful behaviours by contacting the Member Experience team immediately.

Opimian will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour. Anyone asked to cease unacceptable behaviour is expected to comply immediately. If a member engages in unacceptable behaviour, Opimian may take any action it deems appropriate, including warning or expelling the offender from the event with no refund.


Each Opimian promotion is subject to its own terms and conditions that may vary depending on the province or territory. Promotions are subject to change without notice.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The quality of the wines is 100% guaranteed. If a member doesn’t find a wine to his or her liking, he or she is invited to contact the Member Service team.

Area Representatives

Opimian Area Representatives (ARs) are the Club’s on-site presence in the community. Opimian counts more than 20 communities, defined mainly by geography. The size of each community varies from 115 to over 2,000 members.

ARs are responsible to represent Opimian in the community by providing the following services:

  • Planning and executing dinner and tasting events featuring Opimian wines.
  • Responding to member requests for information.
  • Responding to members’ emails regarding delivery issues, broken or missing bottles, and faulty wines.
  • Promoting Opimian in the community and encouraging new members to join and existing members to order wines.
  • Liaising with local pickup locations within close proximity to their home when there are issues.
  • Maintaining a “Miniplan” of Opimian wines to be used when hosting events, and, when possible, replacing missing/damaged wines for members. ARs are asked to hold these wines but they remain the property of Opimian. Access the complete list of ARs.

Privacy Policy

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Contacting Opimian Member Experience Team

Opimian’s hours of operation are Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM ET.



Opimian reserves the right, at any time, to modify aspects of the Club.