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Italy and Germany (C286)

Sitting amidst Sicily’s vineyards, remains from ancient Greek temples and settlements date to the 8th century BCE. The ancient Greeks called the region that is now southern Italy Enotria – “the land of the vines” – though today virtually every region in Italy has a culture of producing wine. The long boot-shaped country, surrounded on three sides by sea with a backbone consisting of the Apennine Mountains, produces a huge variety of wines cultivated from hundreds of grape varieties, many of which are unheard of elsewhere: from the cool mountainous northern regions to Puglia and the Mediterranean island of Sicily in the south. Some 2,000 kilometres north of Sicily, the Pfalz region in western Germany is probably the most exciting wine region in the country with a new generation of winemakers making modern wines. Riesling reigns for white wines from this region, which is located between the Rhine River and the Haardt Mountains close to the French border, but it’s also fast developing a reputation for its red wines – in particular Pinot Noir.

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