Select Plus program


What is the Select Plus Program?

The Select Plus program is designed for members who want to challenge their palate, bring their wine experience to the next level and start their own cellar. The program features both early drinkability and mid-term aging potential wines.

Program Details:

  • Mixed case of 6 bottles from a single producer
  • Wines may be enjoyed young but will benefit from some maturing time.
  • Wines are selected by Jane Masters, Opimian’s Master of Wine

Select Plus Program is ideal for members who are:

  • Want to start a cellar
  • Enjoy discovering new wines, new styles, and new regions
  • Feel confident to read the tasting notes and to decide when to drink the wines

How Does it Work?

When you enroll in the Select Plus program, you automatically receive a case from each of the 9 Cellar Offerings.

The program Discover the world of wine Start your cellar & challenge your palate The ultimate exclusivity, a collector’s dream
Ageing potential Immediate drinking Early drinkability and mid-term ageing Mid to long-term ageing potential
Mixed case  
Exclusive wines for this program    
Curated by Jane Masters, Master of Wine
Satisfaction guaranteed
Cancel at anytime
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Save 5%

You will receive 5% off the least expensive case when you decide to receive two cases from the same wine programs or sign up for two different programs. The 5% discount will be issued in the form of an Opimian credit. Credits will be automatically issued within one week from the closing date of each Cellar Offering and deposited directly into your Opimian Account to be used on any Opimian activities including wine orders, attending an event, renewal of your membership and more.

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