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Cal Lodi  /  United States of America

Zinfandelic Wines

Daniel LeFrancois started Zinfandelic with the vision of creating a wine that paid homage to California’s quintessential grape, Zinfandel. The label is inspired by Daniel’s love for 1960s rock and reflects that era - Summer of Love, Haight-Ashbury and Psychedelic Rock. Just as the cultural movement was making its way out of California and into the rest of the world, so was Zinfandel wine. Daniel has over 30 years working in the wine industry, traveling the world’s wine regions and tasting thousands of wines from around the world. It was this experience where he gained an appreciation for a region’s unique terroir and how it imparts unique characteristics in the wines. Since Zinfandelic’s first 2005 vintage, Daniel has used his ability to note unique qualities of each vineyard lot so that the final blend is balanced, complex and approachable, showcasing the region’s terroir and Zinfandel at its finest. Daniel’s decades of experience has built relationships with prestigious wine growers throughout California, providing Daniel the ability to purchase fruit from coveted Zinfandel vineyards sites. Among these regions is Lodi, the self-proclaimed “Zin Capital of the World”. Due to the great Great?French?Wine Blight in the mid-19th century, Lodi and other areas of California is home to some of the oldest Zinfandel vineyards in the world. Located east of the San Francisco Bay, at the edge of the Sacramento River Delta, Lodi experiences a dry growing season featuring warm days and cool evening breezes offer ideal growing conditions that lead to full-flavored Zinfandel wines. Vineyards are planted in either fine sandy loam soils at lower elevations, or clay-based and stony soils at higher elevations. These well-draining soils produce structured wines with intense fruit flavors and rich silky texture. Explore California through California's true grape.
Fine sandy loam or clay-based and stony soils on hillside slopes.
A dry growing season featuring warm days and cool evening breezes offer ideal growing conditions that lead to full-flavored wines
Founded: 2005 Land size: 0
Age of Vines: 0 Agriculture: n/a
Grape Variety: