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Burgenland Trockenbeerenauslese Höpler Prädikatswein, 2017



Hopler GmbH

Grape Variety

Samling 88

Austria produces some of the finest dessert wines in the world. The region around Lake Neusiedl creates an environment perfect for the development of noble rot. Höpler’s 2017 Trockenbeerenauslese is a blend of 20% Sämling 88 and 80% Welschriesling grapes that were left on the vines. Grapes were picked between November 19 and 29, 2017 after having shriveled and dried, giving an unctuous concentrated juice when pressed. The wine is golden yellow in colour with a complex bouquet of barley sugar, caramelized orange, some earth and a hint of vanilla. It is rich and sweet with flavours of apricots, a succulent acidity and a bitter sweet finish.

Lot: 1315 375 ml
M6 D8
Opimian suggests Medal
Apricot skins, bitter sweet finish Caramelized orange, vanilla, earth
Buttery vanilla pudding