1. How long is my Opimian membership valid?
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Your Opimian membership begins from the moment you sign up and is valid for 12 months from the enrolment date.

2. How much is a membership and how do I renew it?
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The annual membership fee is $89, plus applicable sales tax. For new members, a $40 one-time registration fee is added to cover administrative costs, for a total of $129 plus applicable sales tax. The $89 membership fee is automatically renewed annually to your credit card on file. If you would like to proactively renew your membership, simply contact Member Service at memberservice@opimian.ca.

3. Can I cancel my membership?
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Although it would be sad to see you leave, yes, you can of course cancel your membership, simply contact Member Service at memberservice@opimian.ca.

4. How do I order wine?
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You may order from each Cellar Offering in any one of the following ways:

  • through the website;
  • by emailing Member Service at memberservice@opimian.ca.
  • by calling Member Service at 1-800-361-9421.
5. Why does pricing vary from one province and territory to another?
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When it comes to pricing alcohol, each province and territory uses different mark-ups and taxes. Therefore, pricing varies depending on the province or territory from which your order is placed.

6. Am I obligated to order?
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No. There is no minimum order requirement for Opimian members.

7. Can I order individual bottles?
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Opimian processes orders by the case, typically 6 or 12. The number of bottles per case is displayed on each wine description. If you are new to the Club and want to experience Opimian wines simply and easily, we recommend enrolling in one of our 2 wine programs.  These programs are designed to enhance the experience of our members and help them to expand their palate. Learn more

8. Can I cancel an order?
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Yes, if you cancel your order before the end of each respective Cellar Offering. To do so, please contact Member Service at memberservice@opimian.ca at the latest before 5 p.m. EST on the last day of the Cellar Offering.

9. I missed the deadline for the offering; can I still order?
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If you miss the deadline, zip us an email at memberservice@opimian.ca and we’ll see what we can do.

10. How do Opimian’s wine programs work?
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When you enroll in one of our 2 wine programs, you automatically receive a case of 6 bottles from each of the 10 annual Cellar Offerings. All wines featured in the programs come from a specific producer and have been curated by Jane Masters, Opimian’s Master of Wine.

The Masters Case offers mixed cases with a mix of bottles available in the Cellar Offering that are either ready to drink or meant for cellaring. TMC also include a virtual event with our Master of Wine.

The Founders’ Choice provides members with exclusive wines for mid to long-term ageing; these wines are not featured in the Cellar Offering.

Learn more about our wine programs.

11. If I sign up for a wine program, do I still have access to the regular Cellar Offerings?
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Absolutely, you are free to order as many wines as you wish!

12. Can I cancel my wine program subscription?
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Yes. To do so, please contact Member Service at memberservice@opimian.ca

13. When and where do I pick up my wine?
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Opimian automatically assigns the closest pickup location based on your home address, which will be your default location. However, when placing an order, you will have the option of selecting 1 of up to 2 alternate locations for delivery within your province.

Once your liquor board or territory advises Opimian that the wine is ready for pickup, we will email you that a notice is available in the PICKUP INFORMATION AND DELIVERY section in your member profile dashboard. Please note that your wine will not be available for pickup until the release date indicated on your pickup notice.

You will need a PRINTED COPY of the pickup notice and your Opimian card and/or a photo ID to retrieve your wine. Your pickup location is not equipped to print your pickup notice for you.

To add an alternative pick-up location to your account, please contact member service.


14. Can I change my pickup location?
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You may have an alternate pickup location that is in the same province or territory of your default pick-up location.

15. I’m moving out of my province or territory. What happens with my wine orders?
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Due to Canadian liquor laws, we are not permitted to ship across provincial or territorial borders. If you have moved out of your province or territory, your wine on order will be shipped to your old province. In this case, Opimian allows you to designate a proxy who can pick up your order for you. To designate a proxy, fill out the appropriate information on your pickup notice, sign and give to your proxy to show upon pickup. Keep in mind that your proxy must be over the drinking-age limit for your province or territory.

If you are moving to another province or territory, you will need to change your address in your member profile dashboard. This is so that future Cellar Offerings can be mailed to your new home and also so your website membership access will be automatically directed to your new province’s pricing.

16. How long do I have to pick up my wine?
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You have 30 days from the release date to pick up your wine. After this period, Opimian cannot accept responsibility for unclaimed wines. Depending on your liquor store, a storage fee may also be applicable after 30 days.

17. If I don’t like my wine, can I return it?
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The quality of our wines is 100% guaranteed. If you find a wine not to your liking or if a bottle is corked, please contact us at memberservice@opimian.ca

18. Where is my wine?
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This, of course, is the number one question from our members, as anticipation builds while waiting to receive the wine they have previously ordered. Each Cellar Offering indicates in the cellar schedule.

19. Why are Opimian wines subjected to liquor board lab testing?
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Producers are responsible to ensure products conform to standards as specified in Canada’s Food and Drug regulation, as well as the Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act. In addition to federal requirements, producers must fulfill provincial requirements, for example, additional information which may be mandatory on the case marker. Both the SAQ and LCBO lab test all Opimian wines.

As a result, all Opimian products are tested, which can affect the release date. If you are missing a bottle in your case, please contact us at memberservice@opimian.ca

20. My liquor store can’t find my wine. Where is it?
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Contact us at memberservice@opimian.ca, who will immediately contact the liquor board to initiate a trace on your missing wine. Often, this means your case was simply sent to the wrong store. If that is the scenario, we will reroute your wine to your regular delivery location and advise you once it has been delivered. Please note that the process of finding your case may take a couple of weeks to complete.

If your case cannot be located, we will issue you a full refund in the form of a wine credit, which will be automatically deposited into your Opimian account to use toward future purchases.

21. What do I do if a bottle is broken?
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Please contact us at memberservice@opimian.ca. We will issue you a refund to cover the full cost of the bottle in the form of a wine credit, which will be automatically deposited into your Opimian account to use toward future purchases.

22. I’m planning a trip. Is it possible to meet some Opimian producers?
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Absolutely, it’s one of the wonderful benefits of being an Opimian member! You have privileged access to all our suppliers around the globe. To better connect you with our producers, please contact us at memberservice@opimian.ca who will be happy to help you plan your visit.