Cellar Up! Wines and spirits to shape your cellar

As the Canadian winter descends on us all, we are more willing to hunker down and stay in for dinner and the evening. There is no better time to reach for your favourite bottle of wine from your own collection. Be sure to have a look at the wines and spirits on this page and consider adding them to your Cellar and bar.


winter dinner and wine


Exclusive to Opimian Members

Carefully chosen from the many exceptional wines in this offering, they will provide a choice for almost any drinking occasion. Remember that all of the wines are exclusive to Opimian Members in Canada so when you pop the cork (or twist the cap—these are from down under after all), you are one of the lucky few to taste and share these wines.


Winter Pursuit

Organizing and cataloging your wines can also be a worthwhile winter pursuit. Whether you sort them by region, colour, age or a combination of them all, being able to find them easily just adds to the joy of wine.


Highest-scoring wines




Cellar UP!

Wines and spirits to shape your cellar. Order by December 12, 2022




Pairs with anything, celebrations, romance


3821 Moillard-Grivot Crémant de Bourgogne, 2020

An everyday sparkler from France? This is the one. You won’t have to think twice about opening a second bottle when the occasion dictates.




Medium white

Seafood such as oysters, scallops, sashimi, or salads with mild vinaigrettes


3771 Atticus Chardonnay, Premium Museum, 2009

You’ll be the only one in your circle with this incredible wine. Already 13 years old, you can drink some of them now and still keep a few for another few years. The wood case makes it even more impressive.





Most appetizers, sipping on its own, the back deck


3789 Zephyr MKI Rosé, Marlborough, Organic, 2022

The star of rosé continues to rise as wine lovers around the world drink more and more of it. This organic, vegan version from Glover is drinkable throughout the year with its fruit on the palate and crisp, dry finish.



Medium red

Versatile; many types of meat without heavy sauces, casseroles


3834 Dom Desertaux-Ferrand Les Saints-Georges, 2020

A well-made Pinot Noir is a must in every cellar. Why not have the best? To quote our Master of Wine, Michael Palij, MW, “If you must drink it now, it delivers, but also holds much promise for the cellar.”




For your bar

Grand Montand Brandy Case


3844, Grand Montand VSOP

If you ask your friends after dinner if they would like a snifter of brandy, you may be surprised at how many take you up on it. Once they’ve tasted these, they’ll be saying yes every time. Complex both on the nose and the palate, you’ll be drawn to them as well.