Wine Glasses 1.0 | What’s Your Style?

Wine glass shapes are not only about creative design—it’s primarily about how the form affects the taste. There are about 15 official glass formats, but for high-end wine aficionados, these six are all you need. For the rest of us, all that’s really required is one.



Love oak-free whites like Chenin Blanc? This glass will enhance those fruity aromas. It also helps keep the wine chilled and is easy to clean. Avoid using it for reds though, as it could affect their  richness and subtlety.




Pinot Noir lovers, pay attention! This style made for sniffing is fabulous for those lighter reds and is also perfect for rosés and oaky Chardonnays. Definitely a no-no for bubbly though—who wants a flat sparkling? Dry whites also won’t be as flavourful in this glass.





For those connoisseurs who adore bold reds, here’s your choice. That wide opening at the top enhances tannins for a rounder, smoother finish. These glasses certainly make a gorgeous statement, but at that large, fragile size who’s going to volunteer to wash them?




Calling sparkling sophisticates! This style keeps that beautiful effervescence preserved. Super chic, although it tends to close off aromas. So what about the flat, open-style Champagne glass’s newfound popularity? Yes, it is better for sniffing, but a white or universal glass works just as well and is much less likely to cause accidental sloshing.



Lover of port, liqueurs and ice wines? You want this format to help keep those high alcohol portions small. They’re just so adorable, who can resist?




Still unsure? If you need or desire just one type of glass, this is it. The format works for almost any wine—red, white, rosé, sparkling. It’s especially suitable for spicy wines and medium whites. Easy to clean too!