What is a Coup de Coeur?

As you flip through this month’s Cellar, you may feel a bit overwhelmed by the sheer size of the magazine. With so many excellent wines to choose from, it can be hard to find “the one”. A wine that captures your heart immediately—love at first sight! Which bottle will make you fall in love all over again?



Our MW’s Coups de Cœur recommendations are here to help

A Coup de Cœur is one of those French expressions that can’t quite be translated. Based on Google’s translation tool, it literally means “heart stroke”. Fear not! Our Master of Wine recommendations are not dangerous by any means, although they are quite exciting.


A Coup de Cœur, in the Opimian sense, means “love at first sight”, “crush” or “favourite”. Being a Coup de Cœur means a wine is one of our MW’s favourite wines in the tasting lineup for the current Cellar. With each Cellar offer, four wines are selected. These are the top-rated wines in their category; wines that definitely punch above their weight.


For each Cellar, our MW chooses two wines that are ready to drink and two that are suitable for cellaring, or a more special occasion. With these recommendations, you know you’re getting the best wines of the Cellar. For the first time ever, the Coups de Cœur are available as Web Exclusives, so click the links below to find their full descriptions.


“Enjoying a particular wine style does not preclude another. Not everything you try will be a hit, but you will discover some gems, as I always do while tasting wines for the Cellar Offerings—these are the wines which are my Coups de Cœur.”


These are top-rated wines for their categories, and you owe it to yourself to explore these wonderful wines!


This Cellar’s Highest Scoring Wines. Order these Coups de Coeur through July 11, 2022



Cellaring potential