Cantina Vike Vike was founded by Simone Sedilesu, a young winemaker from Mamoiada, Sardinia, whose family has been making wine for generations. He grew up working in the vineyards with his family and learned the art of winemaking from his father and grandfather.





Their approach to winemaking is straightforward and authentic: they believe that the most crucial part of making great wine happens in the vineyard.  In the cellar, they handle the wine with care, ensuring it stays true to its natural flavours.


How did you get started in the wine business? When and why was Cantina Vike Vike founded?


The Vike Vike winery was born in 2015, after I completed a degree in oenology and a gained experience in Stellenbosh, in South Africa. After years spent helping in the family business, I decided to start my own business, renting vineyards and making my first vintage from those vineyards.





What does the name “Vike Vike” mean?


The name VikeVike in our dialect means “LOOK! LOOK!”, which is a typical exclamation of surprise!


What is special about winemaking in Sardinia? What is one of the hardest things about it?


As far as winemaking is concerned, the most difficult aspect is choosing the harvest period based on the desired oenological objective. To make elegant wines, the harvest must be brought forward slightly, paying attention to the right balance between sugars, pH and acidity.  We want to preserve the freshness in Cannonau – the tradition here was to make very alcoholic reds for blending.





Opimian is offering 3 Cannonau wines. What other grape varieties do you like working with?


In Mamoiada, the only red-berried grape is Cannonau! In addition to Cannonau, I like working with Granazza, a native white grape variety from central Sardinia.





What is your winemaking philosophy?


My winemaking philosophy is all about respect for the terroir: spontaneous fermentations, spontaneous malolactic fermentations, no clarification of any kind!



What do you enjoy most about being a winemaker? 


The positive thing about being an winemaker in my area is that I am lucky enough to work with all the “ghirade” – or small vineyards/communes – of Mamoiada because I am also a winemaking consultant in the region.





Is your winery open for visitors? How can Opimian Members get in touch?


My cellar is always open to everyone! I offer tastings of all my wines. Everyone can contact me through my website: