Unparalleled Quality

Even though South American wines are considered New World, wine has been made there since the 1500s. By the 1600s, the quantity and unparalleled quality of Chilean and Argentinian wines resulted in prodigious domestic consumption and the beginning of an export business.


Argentina vineyards



Opimian’s Masters of Wine

There is no denying that the South American wines offered in this Cellar are top quality and very reasonably priced. Opimian’s Masters of Wine have tasted and selected some old favourites and some wonderful new wines that you simply have to try. This is always an excellent opportunity to stock up.


Old World

Your Old World choice is a blockbuster from Alsace. Cave Vinicole de Hunawihr has, again, provided you with the best Alsatian wines money can buy. Nestled in the Grand Crus area of Alsace, the cooperative vinifies hand-picked grapes from 110 small growers.


hand-picked grapes


Canadian Corner

You’ll find the new Canadian Corner feature starting on page 8. We’re proud to introduce our first BC winery, Foxtrot Vineyards. Discovered by Louise Wilson, MW, Foxtrot is known for its quality Pinot Noir. Those, along with Niagara wines from Pearl Morissette and Meldville Wines, and Canadian whisky from Harris Beach, bring you the largest Canadian selection in Opimian history.

Canadian corner

Subscription Cases

Our newest subscription program, White Wine Select, was introduced at the beginning of the season. The response was so strong, we have already had to source larger quantities to keep up with demand. If you haven’t signed up already, here is your chance to get three bottles of premium white wine automatically ordered for you in each Cellar. The Masters Case virtual tasting is back and TMC subscribers are enjoying the chance to discuss their wines with one of their Masters of Wine. Founders Choice remains popular for those who want a case of premium red to drink and to cellar.

subscription cases

There are some gems online as well. Don’t forget to check out our Web Pop-Up from the Savoie and Jura regions of France, a tiny appellation near the Swiss border stretching only 80 km from north to south, with an unparalleled terroir. These unique Vins de Paille are only available to order for two weeks, starting January 23.


web pop up france




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