When Are Two Stefanos Better Than One?

When they are both amazing vintners!


The Opimian community is in a unique and enviable position. We get to experience wines from around the world that no other Canadians even hear about. The same holds true in hearing the stories about how these wines come to be. In this Cellar, there are two brands, Colpasso and Carlomagno, that are the result of a collaboration of “The Two Stefanos”.


Stefano Chioccioli, who is a member of the family who brought us Altadonna and Chioccioli wines in C281, and Stefano Girelli, the man behind the Cortese wines in this Cellar, have joined forces to create premium wines at very affordable prices. Chioccioli and Girelli have been working together for over two decades. Their collaboration has resulted in the best wines in their respective portfolios.


“Respect in the vineyard, courage in the winery” are Stefano Girelli’s guiding principles. He and Stefano Chioccioli work closely together producing world-class wines that you know as Dea Del Mare, PEMO, Integro, Indesio, Colpasso and Carlomagno. Born in Trento in northern Italy, Stefano and his sister Marina fell in love with Sicily and purchased Azienda Agricola Cortese from an 82-year-old woman after six years of negotiations. They have taken both the vineyard and the resulting wines to new heights.


Stefano Chioccioli’s experience is second to none. He has worked for wineries large and small in virtually every winemaking rStefano Chioccioli’segion of Italy and also has extensive international experience, making wines in France and Hungary. His wines have great success internationally and today more than 70 have “tre bicchieri” (an award reserved for wines considered as excellent in their respective categories). Both Robert Parker and The Wine Spectator have scored several Chioccioli wines 100 points.


No matter which of the “two Stefanos’” wines you taste, you’ll experience the quality and depth that only passion, time and hard work can create.

Order wines from Stefano Girelli through July 12, 2021