The Ramilo Family | Two Brothers Turn Back Time

Manuel Francisco Ramilo devoted much of his land area to wine production in 1937. Four generations later, in 2013, his great-great-grandsons, Nuno Ramilo and his older brother Pedro started working in the family winery only to realize they had the potential to do something different: to bring back typical grape varieties of their region, as well as the winemaking processes better adapted to those varieties. 


Following a career in structural engineering, Nuno Ramilo understood that the vineyard and the cellar were what really made him happy and decided to work for the family business on a full-time basis. “We had the opportunity to make wines with their own character and personality,” says Nuno. Today, he leads the winery while Pedro and his parents act as advisors for guidance and participate in major decisions regarding the family business. The team of five also includes Jorge Mata, a young and talented winemaker who is responsible for supervising the production and sales.


The Ramilo family owns two estates: Casal do Ramilo and Quinta do Cameijo. The first one, Casal do Ramilo, is where the family has most of its vineyards. Located eight kilometres from the ocean, in the valley of the Lizandro River, the vineyards are all planted in terraced slopes on limestone clay soils, to concentrate heat and shelter the vines from the sea winds. “Here we can make wines that combine the freshness and saltiness of the ocean, with a structured and smooth palate brought by the shelter of the terraced slopes,” adds Nuno.


The Quinta do Cameijo estate is located in DOC Colares, one of the smallest wine regions in the world. The vineyards are located one kilometre from the ocean. Ungrafted vines grow in sandy soils and are trained lower to the ground. Almost all of the work is done by hand, and the yields are extremely low. This type of viticulture is unique and gives the wines a finesse and extraordinarily salty touch, making them capable of aging for decades. 


When we asked Nuno what he would like Opimian Members to know about Ramilo Wines, he answers: “It’s always a joy when people taste our wines and use the word “purity” to describe it. If Opimian Members have that feeling, I think that’s about everything they need to know about us.”




Nuno’s Pick

Ramilo Colheita Tinto, Vinho Regional Lisboa, 2019, Lot 2774

“Freshness and elegance, but at the same time structured with very smooth tannins.”


Pedro’s Pick

Ramilo Colheita Branco, Vinho Regional Lisboa, 2020, Lot 2773

“We love white wine, and the mineral and salty touch of this wine is perfect!”