The Passion Connection

From the grape on the vine and the grain destined for the still to the pour in your glass, it all comes down to one thing.


The passion of Opimian’s artisanal producers is undeniable. Coming from every corner of the planet, they are connected by a commitment to their craft. Many are working alongside their parents, siblings and children, advancing family businesses that represent generations of effort and dedication. Some are driven to resurrect a nearly forgotten grape, while others are pioneering varieties new to their region. Several are establishing their sustainability program or developing strategies in the face of climate change. All are focused on excellence.  


Many of our growers and makers have been working with us for decades and their wines and spirits have become a special part of our Members’ lives over the years. At the same time, we are introducing new partners whose range complements our Cellar. The re-introduction of a Canadian offer with Karlo Estates and Pearl Morissette is a perfect example. This dynamic process illustrates our commitment to deliver on both the classics and innovation. 


Behind the scenes, that passion extends to our Opimian Team, the staff and our Board of Directors, each of us enthusiastic wine and spirit lovers. Building a Cellar requires the global expertise of our Procurement Team and our Masters of Wine. The process begins with combing through the portfolios of our producer network to hand-pick the samples to be tasted by our Masters of Wine. While many features such as the subscription programs, the Coups de Coeur, and Cellar Up! provide guidance, our Members are confident in any choice they make knowing that each listing has been evaluated and recommended by our MWs. The results of the tasting are further analyzed by the Procurement Team to ensure that the final Cellar offers a balance of styles, regions, grape varieties, and price points.


While a lot is poured into sourcing the right selection, it really all begins with the passion of our Members. By joining together from every province and two territories across Canada, the strength of our Membership has given us exclusive access to some of the finest bottles in the world. We simply would not have this opportunity as individuals. As a group, we are sought out by some of the most talented producers in the industry who want their liquid art to be enjoyed by like-minded connoisseurs. So, let’s raise a glass to the Opimian Wine Club and all the people who make it such a special place to belong.