The Chioccioli Family

The Chioccioli Altadonna family has been in the wine world for two generations, and their passion for the trade is reaffirmed every day through their work in the vineyards. Their vineyards are located on a unique terroir in Tuscany and the Chianti Classico region in Italy. 


Chioccioli’s team is made up of family members. The project was born from the desire of two brothers, Niccolò and Enrico, to create a product that was the purest expression of the Tuscan terroir. Their passion for wine can be compared to a spontaneous fermentation! Under the careful guidance of their father, Stefano Chioccioli, a winemaker consultant for the last 35 years and one of the most esteemed and internationally awarded oenologist and agronomist, the brothers are involved in all the phases of production, from the vineyard up to the cellar.


Niccolò, the older bother and oenologist, graduated from the same university as his father. He embodies the family passion for great winemaking. “It was my father who stimulated my curiosity, who encouraged me to try and distinguish between the multitudes of aromas and scents of Italian grapes, to recognize their qualities and defects. He taught me which are the fundamental elements to make a great wine in harmony with nature”.


Enrico, a former lawyer, became Master Distiller after an experience in a whiskey distillery in New York City and in Cognac. He now personally takes care of Winestillery, the combination of a winery and distillery set to be a major player in the family business. The team is completed by their mother Anna, who is responsible for customer service, and their younger Ginevra, a biologist who analyzes and studies the biological components of the soil and grapes.


The Chioccioli Winestillery may have its roots in a very traditional region, but it produces unconventional Tuscan products, such as gin, vodka, and vermouth. These spirits are unique because they are the synthesis of the terroir. “All our spirits are produced from distilled wine together with traditionally Tuscan botanicals. We conceived, distilled and bottled every product,” says Enrico. Winestillery is a radical project. It lives and evolves with the experimentation and the back-and-forth between the highest oenological knowledge and the finest art of distillation. That’s why the family has embraced a holistic production philosophy, carved in their Grape-to-Glass Manifesto, in which each of their products is “tailored from the harvest to the glass”.


When asked about what Opimian members should know about their family, Niccolò answered: “We were born and raised in a region where craft and nature have found a perfect equilibrium for centuries. Our mission is to interpret and embrace this extraordinary heritage of nature and culture.


We want to be guardians of territories and ancient traditions, while at the same time trying to be pioneers and explore the boundaries of each category of wine and spirits. Our desire is to share this passionate path with you.”


Stefano’s Pick

Chioccioli Carismante Chianti Classico Graaan Selezione, DOCG, Chioccioli Altadonna Family Estate, 2015, lot 2228


Niccolò’s Pick

Chioccioli Fossifòco Chianti Classico Riserva, DOCG, Chioccioli Altadonna Family Estate, 2015, lot 2227


Enrico’s Pick

Altadonna Assalto, IGT Toscana, 2016, lot 2225