Thank you for a great 2022 Cellar season!

C299 marks the end of the 2022 Cellar Season. What a season it has been! We have continued to find you new and interesting wines and spirits while bringing back those that you cherish. By their very essence, wines and spirits are ever-changing and, as a result, so are the wonders created and available from around the world.


Piémont, Italie


As we have begun to travel both Canada and the world, we have heard from Members and producers alike how much they appreciate the evolution of this Cellar magazine and Opimian in general. This sentiment is evident in the swell of engagement that we have seen from the Membership. Virtual events (thanks COVID) continue to be well attended. The new ‘Web Pop-up’ and ‘Feature Wine’ concepts have been incredibly successful.


On the producer side, we have made a concerted effort to strengthen those relationships. We are getting to know our partners in a much deeper way than in the past and they are discovering how passionate Opimian Members like you are about wine. That is why you are seeing so many exclusive offerings. Whether it’s a Chardonnay made just for us (Pearl Morissette-p. 11), or older, special vintages of iconic wines (Malvirà Barolo as Web Pop-up), it demonstrates a level of trust and admiration that these can be offered to you.




This has not been without its challenges. Global supply chain issues continue to make getting your wines to you slower than we would like. The cost of everything is rising quickly. We are doing everything we can to mitigate the effect but some increases will be necessary.


In another first, you’ll see that it is a whisky that is featured inside the front cover. We are honoured to have been chosen as the exclusive distributor of Harris Beach Whisky in Canada. Not only has Joshua Beach created this fabulous spirit, but he has also partnered with us to introduce the ‘Cask Club’. You have the opportunity to experience the evolution of a Canadian Whisky from its creation to its ultimate maturity. We’re pretty sure that is a first as well!


Harris Beach Cask Club


There is everything you need within these pages to finish out the season with a bang. Italy has always been one of your favourites. You’ll find many ways to keep that love affair going.


Michael & Greg, Managing Directors



Greg & Michael