State of the Club

50 years down – 50 to go!


So here we are. Year 51 of the Opimian Wine Club (aka The Opimian Society). So much has changed. So much has remained the same. We are still a group of wine lovers who pool our resources together to bring the best wines in the world to Canada. We are still a not-for-profit that puts all of its energy and people into building relationships with independent winemakers in every major wine region in the world. Better yet, Opimian brings us all together around the joy of wine to experience it in a myriad of ways – travel, events, tastings, education, and connection.




Yet, at the same time, so much has changed. In the last 50 years, the wine industry (yes, it has become an industry) has become so much more global. Where Canada was once a new and emerging market for global wines, it has matured and must compete with newer markets like China. The thirteen Liquor Boards in Canada continue to rationalize their operations. Our 50-year, grandfathered relationship with many of them is beginning to evolve at a rapid pace.



Despite this changing landscape, we are still committed to executing the vision and direction of the 2021 Strategic Plan. The insight it provided to focus on four pillars is no less relevant than it was in the past two years. We will continue to rely on the expertise of Masters of Wine to help us find remarkable wines and curate them so that Opiman Members have world-class quality and value. We will source most spirits from around the world to satisfy the growing trend toward cocktails and mixed drinks. We are strengthening our educational component, providing you with ways to increase your knowledge and enjoyment of wine and spirits. Lastly, we are developing a robust events and travel component that lets you explore the joy of wine through experience.




Masters of Wine


We have expanded our network of MW’s to include three key experts – Michael Palij, Jacky Blisson, and Igor Ryjenkov – and myriad other MWs who write articles and consult with us.




We’ve started slowly with spirits that are made by our winemakers, and we are developing an impressive list for the future. Watch for major developments in this area in the coming year.







We have already held two classes of Level 1 Wines & Spirits from wine education’s world leader Wine & Spirits Educational Trust (WSET) with more to come. We’ll also offer WSET2 in the very near future. Coupled with our new partnership with Riedel Glassware, we have begun offering tasting workshops that enhance your enjoyment through education.


Events & Travel


You will already have noticed that we are getting back on track post-COVID with events and travel. You can look forward to that continuing. Interest in both tasting events and wine-centric travel has never been stronger. We don’t want to disappoint.




C310 is the beginning of another season of improvement and growth for Opimian. Watch for a newly updated and improved website that is being launched this year. It will make ordering and tracking your wine so much easier.