Roaming the Rhône | A Valley of Vineyards

The Rhône wine region starts in Lyon and extends 240 kilometres to the south to the Mediterranean coast at the Rhône River Delta. You’ll recognize several famous names along the many appellations of the area.


The immense size of the Rhône Valley means that a lot of different soils, microclimates and terroirs are sprinkled through the region. Different grape varieties thrive in different sub-regions. Terroir, history and know-how also dictate the quality of the wines produced.


Northern Rhône specializes in Syrah (red wines), Viognier, and Roussanne (white wines). The granitic slopes and continental climate are the key to premium wines in Appelations suchs as Hermitage, Côte-Rôtie, or Saint-Joseph.


The Southern Rhône harbours many more grape varieties, including Grenache and Mourvèdre. The soils in this area are rocky and sandy soils, which are coupled with a warmer Mediterranean climate. The world-famous Châteauneuf-du-Pape wines are from this area.


There exists a hierarchy in the different Côtes du Rhône Appellations:

> AOP Côtes du Rhône (reds, rosés, whites), between Vienne and Avignon, are for everyday drinking, while AOP Côtes du Rhône Villages is restricted to specific villages, and offer more concentration (most are located near Orange).

> Only some villages are allowed to add their names to the AOP Côtes du Rhône Villages label; these wines are generally of higher quality. 



Opimian Producers in the Rhône Valley:

1 – Ch. Saint-Bénézet

2 – Dom. des 3 Lys

3 – Ch. Cambis

4 – Dom. Passion des Dames

5 – Dom. Caveau et Millas

6 – Dom. des Cigalons

7 – Dom. André Berthet-Rayne

8 – Ch. Saint Estève d’Uchaux

9 – Dom. Saint Pierre

10 – Dom. Martin

11 – Dom. La Ligière

12 – Ch. La Roselière

13 – Ch. la Genestière

14 – Vignobles Mayard

15 – Dom. des Remizières

16 – Dom. Christophe Pichon

17 – Gilles Flacher

18 – Dom. du Murinais

19 – Dom. du Val des Rois

20 – Dom. de Pieblanc

21 – Dom. Pierre du Coq

22 – Ch. de Montmirail