Our Producers Share Their Thoughts

As a wine club, Opimian is all about people. The Club connects our members across Canada, our producers around the world, our staff in Montreal and wine lovers everywhere. In light of the current global situation, we here at Opimian reached out to our producers featured in the Italy and Chablis Cellar Offering (C274) to see how they are faring in these unique and difficult times. Their answers were so personal and heartfelt that we decided to share them with you.


While there were common themes in their notes (they have had to figure out how to work remotely, and how to keep production and shipping going within an environment that is changing hourly), each offered a unique perspective. Here they are below in their own voices (with help from Google Translate and our multi-lingual staff).


One of the pillars of Opimian’s ethos from its inception has been connecting members to winemakers. It’s clear that it is a two-way street. The producers feel just as connected to us. This shared joy of wine brings us all closer together. It’s at times like this that communities such as our Club give us comfort in knowing that we support each other and care about all those of like mind.




Karoline Walch – Avenue

“The small daily gestures that especially we Italians love so much, such as shaking hands with someone, going to a restaurant or meeting with friends, suddenly are forbidden and make us understand how much we miss and need socialization…Nature continues its usual course and teaches us that everything goes on; the vines are close to budding and the colourful spring has arrived in the valleys, while the mountains are still immersed in the snow. A big “virtual“ hug from Alto Adige and let’s stay positive as together we will beat this threat in order to return to the usual convivial moments of joy soon!”


Angelo Dalbello – San Sano

“This natural event requires that we split and isolate ourselves to win. But we also experience sadness, anxiety and feeling of isolation. Today we have a formidable weapon, technology. We can communicate, we can behave all together and defend our life and daily life, our hopes, our dreams from a threat like never before. We can be home with the things we love, including a bottle of our favourite wine.


If we walk hand in hand, we will get out of this moment maybe richer inside and make a better use of our gifts. We will not forget those are not with us any longer.”


Martina Gozzi – The Wine People

“We are a great group, and we are all very close. Things are getting challenging, but we will deal with it as a team and we are sure that finally everything is going to be fine…Andrà tutto bene, as we’ve been saying these last few days.


Regarding life in the fields, everything is incredible as always. Nature is such an amazing and strong miracle. We are having some beautiful, sunny days. Spring is coming and buds will blossom soon. A soft and gentle wind is blowing reminding us that again, everything’s gonna be fine… and the wine will always be great!”





Michel Lamblin – Lamblin & Fils

“We did not close the company because our customers are still placing orders with us and we have to deliver them. This is our job; we have to do it. The fact remains that we are very vigilant and follow all the instructions to ensure the best security for our employees and prevent the spread of the virus.


We thank you for your confidence and do our best to prepare your orders. We hope that you all pass this test in good conditions and remain fully confident in the future. The virus will be overcome! Stay safe and warmest wishes.”