Coups de Coeur: Opimian's highest-scoring wines

As the Canadian winter descends on us all, we are more willing to hunker down and stay in for dinner and the evening. There is no better time to reach for your favourite bottle of wine from your own collection. Be sure to have a look at this Cellar’s highest-scoring wines on this page and consider adding them to your Cellar.


winter dinner and wine


Exclusive to Opimian Members

Carefully chosen from the many exceptional wines in this offering, they will provide a choice for almost any drinking occasion. Remember that all of the wines are exclusive to Opimian Members in Canada so when you pop the cork (or twist the cap—these are from down under after all), you are one of the lucky few to taste and share these wines.


Winter Pursuit

Organizing and cataloging your wines can also be a worthwhile winter pursuit. Whether you sort them by region, colour, age or a combination of them all, being able to find them easily just adds to the joy of wine.


Highest-scoring wines




This Cellar’s highest-scoring wines

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Everyday drinking



3813 Gorgeous Grenache, Old Vine Small Batch, 2021