Josep Vadrí | Clos Montblanc

Josep Vadrí has been the winemaker at the Clos Montblanc Winery for almost 30 years, since the beginning of the new winery located between the towns of Montblanc and Barberà de la Conca. Clos Montblanc is a family project that was born in 1988, although the Carbonell family have been rooted in the soil and on the vine for more than 300 years.


1. What does your relationship with Opimian mean to you?

We are very pleased that our wines can be enjoyed in Canada, thanks to the collaboration of our winery with your prestigious wine club, which allows your members to discover wines from around the world.


2. When did you realize that producing wine was your passion?

Wine, along with bread and olive oil, is one of the three basic foods in the Mediterranean diet, and wine has always been a part of my life.


3. Which of your current wines are you the most excited about?

I could not choose any one of the Clos Montblanc wines as my favourite. I make them all with the utmost rigor and enthusiasm.


4. If you were not a winemaker, what would you do?

I’ve studied engineering and environment, so I would surely be engaged in something related to environmental engineering.


5. What do you enjoy most about your job? 

I especially enjoy the work during the vinification process, a very delicate and exciting time.


6. Which winemaking traditions, if any, are most important to you?

Despite the hard work in the field, there are still people who dedicate their lives to growing grapes. A tradition we keep in the winery is using our feet to crush the grapes of one of our wines inside an 18th-century stone well.


7. What is the best wine you have ever tasted?

Too many, but to name one that I was able to share a few days ago with its winemaker: a Viña Vik 2013 from Chile.


8. What are you doing when you are not making wine or growing grapes?

I dedicate my time to many things that I like, but mainly related to nature.


9. What bottle is open in your kitchen right now?

Montblanc 362 Trepat.


10. What is your favourite wine (either of yours or from another producer/region)?

I do not have a favourite one. If the wine is well made, I like it.


11. What up and coming wine region would you recommend traveling to? Why?

Catalunya in general, because of the diversity of terroirs and the microclimates that can be found within a few kilometres of each other.


12. Your favourite book or movie?

It’s hard to pick just one, but what comes to mind is Patrick Süskind’s book The Story of Mr. Sommer, and the movie, Cinema Paradiso.


13. Who is a person you admire?

Anonymous people who know how to make others happy.


14. Red, white or rosé?

All of them, depending on the occasion.


15. Describe your philosophy in one word or sentence. 

Every day is an opportunity to do better.