Happy holidays from all of us here at Opimian

While many of us enjoy wine as part of our daily lives, there is no question it plays an even bigger role in our holiday celebrations. This promises to be a special season as family gatherings and group activities are on their way back. We hope you have a cellar full of Opimian wines to share both at home and when eating out or visiting with friends.


Exceptional wines

As Opimian Members, we have the advantage of planning ahead for the year to come. In this issue, you can choose exceptional wines and spirits from South Africa and Tuscany. You may notice that the wines of Warwick are missing. They have been ably replaced by Groote Post and Bosman. If you haven’t tried them yet, you are in for a pleasant surprise.


Best of the best

In a time where the price of everything seems to be increasing, there are few wines here that have an even lower price than last year. With the cost of production (and every other aspect of making and bottling wine) rising, we make every effort to keep prices as low as possible and quality high. Our team of Masters of Wine tastes a huge number of samples in Montreal, right here in Canada, before selecting the best of the best for you.


South Africa

The wines from South Africa are nothing less than stellar. Bosman, Aristea, Richard Kershaw, Groote Post and Vilafonté will provide you with the full range for your drinking occasions. From value wines for weekday dinners to mid-tier wines for a more refined palate and special occasions, all the way through to rare collectibles, they are here for you.


South Africa



Let’s not forget Tuscany. With 60,000 hectares under vine, the land of Sangiovese knows how to make wine. Learn more about this romantic region from Philip Reedman, MW on page 42. When we made the decision to give Tuscany its own profile a couple of years ago, we did so because our data told us these were the top-selling wines from Italy.




Stock your cellar and your bar

You have proved us right! Our partners Cinciano, Sorbaiano, Chioccioli Altadonna and Morellino di Scansano have responded as well. They are offering you a wide selection of wines and spirits, in various pack sizes and price points. Stock your cellar and your bar.




White Wine Select

We wanted to bring your attention once again to the new White Wine Select subscription that was launched in the last offering. It opened with great success but there are a few more subscriptions available. Join the hundreds already on the program.


white wine select program



Michael & Greg