That’s a wrap!


Cellar 309 marks the final offering in a year that has celebrated Opimian’s 50th Anniversary. By the time it closes on October 23rd, you will have placed 42,424 orders that include 82,478 cases. That’s 494,868 bottles of wine and spirits finding their way into Members’ homes. We are definitely Canada’s Wine Club!





Long before you see a product in the Cellar, your Procurement Department have been hard at work with our existing producers and finding new ones. They develop a plan for an upcoming Cellar fully seven months prior to opening day. When you consider that after the close, those same products are in the system for another five to six months, you can see how every wine or spirit you enjoy has been on a year-long journey. Every department – Procurement, Marketing, Logistics, Growth, Accounting and Member Service – plays a vital role in bringing you exclusive beverages for every drinking occasion. For this, we thank the dedicated staff and the volunteer Board of Directors.


In the publication you have in your hand, as well as several Web Exclusive wines, you have over 80 to choose from. Thirty-seven of them are new. All of them come with the Master of Wine stamp of approval and you have exclusive access to them in Canada. Within these pages, we have provided you with articles, features and expert opinions to help you make your choices. Our Member Service Team is also ready to give you a hand whenever you need it.





Featured on our cover are our remarkable partners, The Wine People. They are a rare breed in the wine industry in that they are growers, oenologists, technicians and managers. They continue to bring us top-quality wines from Sicily (the soils of Mount Etna never disappoint), Veneto and Abruzzo. From the top value Dea del Mare wines to the DOCG feature wine Terre di Kama Cerasuolo di Vittoria on page 2, you can’t go wrong.


Derek Barnett of Meldville Wines continues to win awards and continues to make some of the best wines in Ontario. If you haven’t tried one yet, we’ve provided a full complement to tempt you.





All of the wines from Sardegna (you may know it as Sardinia, an Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea) are new to us. The terroir and climate are so varied that both Vermentino and Cannonau (Grenache) are both successfully grown and produce excellent wines.





Do not miss the Murantori Franciacorta! (Formerly known as Villa Crespia) The family is now in its third generation of making this iconic Italian sparkling wine.


Of course, Piemonte needs no introduction. Barolos are Member favourites and we’ve brought you a wide selection. All wonderful. Don’t stop there. The many other styles and varieties from this quintessential Italian wine region are equally delicious.





Thank you, as always, for sharing the joy of wine with us. The joy is only enhanced in the sharing.


Michael & Greg