Cellar Up!

Wines from Cellar 296 to shape your cellar


This pesky pandemic has made visiting wine cellars around the world a very rare occurrence. Much to our delight, we were very recently in the very cellars of the producers featured in C296. From the smallest of wineries to those that produce many thousands of bottles, there is a very common theme. The bulk of their collections is local to their country, in this case, Italy. In addition, there are always iconic wines from regions around the world. Not even an Italian winemaker drinks only Italian wine! Even more interesting is that the domestic wines come from all Italian regions. A vintner in Barolo is just as likely to have wines from Puglia, Alto Adige and Veneto to draw from when it’s time for dinner.


We’ve never been afraid to follow the advice of the experts. Just look at how essential Opimian’s relationships with Masters of Wine around the world have been. Follow these winemakers’ lead and stock your own cellar with these wonderful expressions of their origin.



Pairs with anything, celebrations, romance

Tenuta Villa Crespia Franciacorta Miolo Brut, DOCG, Lot 3492

Villa Crespia is on the cutting edge of Franciacorta production. This producer is also instrumental in singing the praises of this marvelous sparkling wine throughout the world. Take a bottle of this to your next party (or pop one at home) and you’ll be introducing yourself and your friends to the best-kept secret in méthode traditionnelle sparkling. Champagne’s got nothing on this.

Medium-body White  

Grüner Veltliner, DOC Alto Adige Valle Isarco, 2021, Lot 3474

It’s often said that Riesling is the sommelier’s grape variety. That’s because they want all of the Grüner Veltliner to themselves! Have a look at the wine list of the best restaurants in the world and you’ll always see one of these. The balance of softness and crisp acidity will have you wondering why you waited so long.

Medium-body Red

STEPP Cabernet Franc, Pfalz, 2020, Lot 3512

When you’re thinking of red wine, your mind probably doesn’t go immediately to Germany. Well, think again! Cabernet Franc is an oft-forgotten varietal that deserves your attention. So does this German version from old vines. You get all the flavour without the heaviness and tannins.

Full-body Red 

Antichello Amarone della Valpolicella Classico, DOCG, 2018, Lot 3485

The depth of flavour that results from the drying of the grapes is truly amazing. This style, the pride of the Valpolicella region, will knock your socks off with its raisin, red fruit and, yes, bitter chocolate notes. This will stand up to the gamiest of meats and the richest of sauces. It will also improve in your cellar for years.


Domaine Orenga de Gaffory, AOP Muscat du Cap Corse, 2021, Lot 3500

Remember when we would have our friends over for dinner, and dessert was about to be served? Sure, coffee is one choice, but in many parts of the world, Italy included, a dessert wine is the preference. Enter this lovely Muscat. Sweet enough to accompany whatever delicacy you’re serving, but not so sweet that it overpowers. A perfect addition to any cellar.