Cellar Up!

Wines from Cellar 284 to shape your cellar


Wine cellars come in every shape and size imaginable, from multi-million dollar, professionally designed shrines to a nook under the basement stairs. Regardless of where yours is on the spectrum, there are some principles that are common to all wine storage. Temperature, light and vibration are the key elements. 


Worse than temperatures that are too warm is a fluctuation in temperature. While the optimal temperature for storing your wine is between 10°C and 15°C, 15°C to 20°C can work for shorter periods, provided the temperature does not fluctuate. Remember, these are storage temperatures, not serving temperatures. Serving is a different topic entirely! Wines should be stored away from natural light. The UV rays can degrade and prematurely age wine. Electric light may fade your labels but won’t affect your wine. 


Lastly, keep your treasures (everyday drinkers and special bottles) away from vibration of any kind. Furnaces, freezers and fans can all cause the floor around them to shake. Your wine doesn’t like that. Find a solid, stable surface for your rack.


For each of the wine styles, this Cellar has suggestions to help build diversity in yours.



Pairs with anything, celebrations, romance

La Granja 360 Cava Brut, DO Penedès, Bodega Parxet, Lot 2456

Light white

White/light fish, sipping on its own

Flor del Páramo Verdejo, Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León, 2020, Lot 2495

Full body white

Poultry, mild cheeses, pork

Montblanc 362 Chardonnay, DO Catalunya, 2019, Lot 2469


Most appetizers, sipping on its own, the back deck

Rio Lilo Rosé Wine, DOP Jumilla, 2020, Lot 2504

Light red

Many pastas, pork, poultry, sipping on its own

Javier San Pedro Randez Tempranillo, DOCa. Rioja, Bodegas Vallobera, 2020, Lot 2460

Medium red

Versatile; many meats without heavy sauces, casseroles

Valdubón Roble, DO Ribera del Duero, Bodegas Valdubón, 2019, Lot 2511

Full body red

Heavy stews, many game meats, lamb, strong cheeses, even dessert

Viña Lobera Crianza, DOCa. Rioja, 2017, Lot 2476