Cellar Up!

Wines to shape your cellar


While many of us Opimian Members simply consume our wines as they arrive, we are getting an increasing number of questions around building a cellar.  A “cellar” doesn’t necessarily mean an actual temperature-controlled space for wine, but a selection of wine to maintain and build as our fascination with it grows.


It is always a good idea to balance your cellar with several styles of wine. While you’ll obviously want more bottles of your favourite styles, there is often a need for something outside your own taste. Guests don’t always share your palate and will want something other than that full-bodied red that you always turn to. You might  host or attend a dinner that would be better suited to something from the ‘other shelf’ of your chosen wine storage area.


To help you in your decision-making, here are examples of the different styles of wine and a choice or two from this Offering from each style.



Pairs with anything, celebrations, romance

Bec Hardy Wines Sparkling NV, Lot 2145


Light white

White/light fish, sipping on its own

Barren Jack Sauvignon Blanc, Edengate, South Eastern Australia, 2020, Lot 2170


Full body white

Poultry, mild cheeses, pork

Massey Dacta Chardonnay, Marlborough, 2020, Lot 2196


Aromatic or sweet white

Dessert, rich foods like foie gras

Briar Ridge Vineyard NV Liqueur Muscat, Hunter Valley, Lot 2193



Most appetizers, sipping on its own, the back deck

Briar Ridge Rosé, Merlot, Orange, 2020, Lot 2189


Light red

Many pastas, pork, poultry, sipping on its own

Struckman Pinot Noir, Central Otago, 2019, Lot 2202


Medium red

Versatile; many meats without heavy sauces, casseroles

FAT’N SKINNY The Red Fury Tempranillo, Garnacha, McLaren Vale, 2018, lot 2183


Full body red

Heavy stews, many game meats, lamb, strong cheeses, even dessert

GMH Cabernet Sauvignon, South Australia, 2019, lot 2158