Cellar Offering 101


Welcome to the new Cellar Offering! We launched a new Cellar Offering format to mark the start of the 2021 Cellar Offering season.

We have merged our magazine Vino Etcetera with the Cellar Offering, so that you can read about wine regions, producers and everything related to wine right along Jane’s wine descriptions. Our aim was to enhance your experience when perusing the Cellar by combining our two publications.



We no longer use a plastic cover to ship the Cellar to you, opting instead for printing your address directly on to the paper. This saves both the budget and the environment!


Jane Masters MW’s wine descriptions will help you choose your wines, as our articles highlight regions and producers so that you get the full story around the wine you are about to order. At Opimian, we love the connection between our Members and our producers, and our new format reflects just that.



Pages 2 and 3 will show you which producers are featured in the Cellar, as well as their most popular wines. It’s always nice to know what Members like when we can’t decide on a wine.


Page 5 features the “Directors’ Cut”, or what our Managing Directors Michael and Greg plan to order in the Cellar. They know what’s going on behind the scenes, and their picks are sure to be delicious!


Jane’s Coups de Coeur on page 7 feature four wines that stood out for Jane Masters MW: 2 meant for cellaring and 2 meant for immediate drinking. Jane tastes and selects all the wines in the Cellar, so what stands out is definitely worth it.


Cellar Up!” gives you tips on how to shape your cellar – looking for that full body red to add to your collection? Follow our advice to pick the perfect one!


Detach the ordering form in the centerfold and discover our Top Value wines. Budget-friendly wines for everyday drinking, perfect to enhance your weeknight dinners.


Finally, discover the Collector’s Corner – rare finds that are sure to impress your tastebuds. These usually come in smaller cases. As always, the featured products are Opimian exclusives that you won’t find anywhere else in Canada, and sometimes the world!



This season look out for more spirits, smaller cases, different bottle sizes and more Opimian labels. We’ve added a “percent of alcohol” icon (), something Members have been asking for. In some cases, when the Cellar Offering is printed, the wine offered by Opimian has not been bottled yet and this percentage value can slightly change. We’ll let you know when that happens. We have also changed our Residual Sugar scale to reflect a more widely used scale in the word of wine. You’ll see letters like [D], [SD], [SS], and [S] scattered throughout the offering (for white wines and rosés) – they mean a wine is Dry, Semi dry, Semi sweet or Sweet. You can find that scale at the bottom of the legend in the centerfold insert.


You’ll now see every bottle next to its description, so that you can see right away of they have a screw or cork top.


You’ll notice the new icons for dessert wines and spirits.



And remember our Vegetarian and Organic icons.



The Members’ Choice icon highlights the ten most popular wines of past seasons.


Don’t wait to order our wines offered in limited quantities, once they sell out you might have to wait another year to order them!


You’ll find all this info in the Cellar insert in the centerfold, as well as the 2021 Cellar Schedule. Just like every year, get ready for a fantastic new season of great wines, rare finds and amazing stories with Opimian. Cheers!



We know some of you still enjoy sending orders by mail. You will find all the ordering information and order form in the insert stapled in the centerfold. Ordering online or by e-mail is the fastest and safest way to buy Opimian wines, but if you chose to order by mail, make sure to mail the form back to Opimian 14 days before the end of the Cellar! For C280, this means you’ll have to mail your order form by December 1st, 2020.



We combined the Discovery and Select Plus case to create The Masters Case which is a mixed, six-bottle case curated by Jane Masters MW for members like you. You get to try three pairs of delicious wines with personalities and from different styles. And, even better, you get to taste the wines along Jane Masters MW as soon as you receive them. To sign up, email Member Service.



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On behalf of all the Opimian team, we would like to thank you for your support and for being a Member.


Cheers and Happy Wine Shopping!