Captivating Carcassonne

Located in the Languedoc-Roussillon region in the South of France and nestled among vineyards, Carcassonne is world-renowned for its truly remarkable medieval city.


A UNESCO World Heritage site, Carcassonne’s first walls were built in the Gallo-Roman era, with major additions to the city were made in the 13th and 14th centuries. This medieval wonder has been the centre of royal powers throughout its history.


Who hasn’t dreamed of being a knight or a lady of the court? In Carcassonne, dreams do come true!


Immerse yourself in the magic of this fortified city through an array of activities for all tastes and ages. The city has so much to offer: Michelin-starred restaurants, wine bars, museums, treasure hunts, tours of Château Comtal, jousting tournaments, entertainment, horse-drawn carriage rides—you can even fly over the city in a helicopter.


After you’ve explored the city and its ramparts, visit the Canal du Midi, another gem listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. One of the most extraordinary civil engineering feats of the modern era that paved the way for the Industrial Revolution, the Canal du Midi offers 360 kilometres of breathtaking scenery between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, with nearly 328 structures, including locks, aqueducts, bridges and tunnels along its path. Let yourself be lulled by sun and tranquility on boat cruise along this unique waterway.


When travelling around Carcassonne, you’ll find traces of its history across the landscape. This territory has been used to grow grapevines for centuries. Like its sites, the Greater Carcassonne area is known by its famous regions: Minervois, Corbières, Malepère, Cabardès, Languedoc, and so on. There are as many names for this area as there are landscapes.


Discovering Carcassonne and its wines means exploring new, genuine frontiers and meeting generations of winemakers who are excited to share this culture centred around good food and drink.


Where to Stay

A partner of Opimian for over 10 years, Château Canet is located a few kilometres from Carcassonne in Rustiques, part of the Minervois region. Floris and Victoria will be happy to welcome you to their property.


After a visit to the medieval city and a trip down the Canal du Midi, this enchanting location is the perfect place to sit back and enjoy the beauty of the South of France.


Nine cottages at Château Canet are nestled in the heart of the estate, surrounded by the vineyards and olive groves. Each cottage is named after one of the grape or olive varietals and overlooks the gardens, pool or tennis court. A wonderful stay awaits!