Can You Say Variety?

Whether it’s grape varieties (over 30), wine regions (over 20), or styles (red, white, rosé and sparkling), this Cellar offering has variety in spades. Don’t worry, we’ve given you lots of help in deciding what you’d like to order.





Michael Palij, MW will help you sort out Northern Italy. Igor Ryjenkov, MW will do the same for Germany’s Pfalz region, home of treasured Opimian partner, Gerd Stepp. Add to that Jacky Blisson, MW and Louise Wilson, MW who did the tasting and wrote the tasting noes for this issue, and you have your team of experts guiding you along. As an Opimian Member, you benefit from the deepest knowledge for selection and wine education on the planet.





The Rizzello family of Le Vigne di Sammarco grace the cover and provide us with the Feature wine as well as the Founders Choice selection. The dry climate and sea breezes of Puglia result in delicious wines worthy of every cellar. Their top value Primitivo IGP Salento was a best seller last year.





Don’t miss the section on wines from the Pfalz starting on page 12. Those who know and love German wine will agree that Stepp is remarkable. Jacky Blisson, MW agrees with you. If you haven’t tried them, there is no better time than the present. Gerd’s mixed case, Lot 4430, is a great way to sample these Coups de Coeur.





We have been receiving very positive feedback about our approach to ‘Respect the past and embrace the future’. It’s wonderful to hear that you are enjoying your old favourites as well as trying the new and wonderful wines we continue to find around the world.






Michael & Greg

Opimian Wine Club’s Marketing Directors