BLB Vignobles | Everyday Grands Crus

BLB Vignobles is a family winery located in Montpellier. Bruno Le Breton arrived at Domaine de la Jasse in 1995 when he was hired by the former owner to help him produce a great Cabernet Sauvignon. 


In 2008, Bruno Le Breton took over the company and gave it his own name. Today he manages a team of 10 people. His daughter Morgane Le Breton joined the family business as the Marketing and Communications Manager. BLB Vignobles has three estates: Domaine de Montlobre, Vignes des Deux Soleils, and our beloved Domaine de la Jasse.


Corporate Social Responsibility

BLB Vignobles is committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility charter and these values drive their daily choices. The winery aims to nurture its employees and all stakeholders, to ensure the sustainability of the company, and to contribute to a better world for future generations. “Our voluntary pledge to social responsibility hinges on our corporate values: high standards, respect, responsibility, enjoyment and sharing,” says Morgane. It is something that would certainly differentiate BLB from other wineries in addition to the open-mindedness to guarantee our freedom of expression. “We feel like we owe this to everyone sharing our adventure: the respect of an employer towards his employees, of an entrepreneur towards his customers and of a wine producer mindful of his environmental footprint,” states Bruno.


BLB Vignobles define their wines as “everyday grands crus”, for they are special, known for their quality and value. Bruno’s team aims to make drinkable, affordable wines that bring people together.


By choosing Domaine de la Jasse wines, Opimian Members are not only enjoying these wines for their taste but are supporting a family winery committed to making better wine, vintage after vintage, and a better world, year after year.


What are we drinking?

As the winemaker of la Jasse, it is difficult for Bruno to pick his favourite. However, Tête de Cuvée is his thing! He loves mature and ripe Cabernet with the freshness brought by the barrel and notes of menthol, eucalyptus and licorice. His wife Françoise has a thing for Les Fines Bulles. “I love it because it sparkles!” she says. She likes to take a bottle out of the fridge at any occasion, as it calls for joy and wellness. Morgane and her sister love the Blanc de Blancs. This Viognier paired with Chardonnay to bring structure and complexity make the apricot Viognier aromas last longer. It’s fresh and crispy and can be enjoyed as an apéritif or with grilled fish. Finally, Morgane’s brother, Maël, is really a Vieilles Vignes person. He just turned 21 and enjoys wine with his friends at barbecues. The Vieilles Vignes is a great cuvée to discover wine and Cabernet Sauvignon. It can be enjoyed at any occasion!


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