Angelo Pera | Longtime Friend to Opimian

Michael Lutzmann, Opimian Co-Managing Director


One of the joys of my membership in Opimian has always been meeting the wine producers from around the world face-to-face.


Before Covid put a temporary stop to our in-person dinners, tastings, and informal get-togethers, I was lucky enough to host several of these events. In 2 BC (before Covid – actually 2017), I hosted Angelo Pera, owner of Mountain View Vintners, for a dinner organized for Opimian Members during a tasting series.


Our ambitious menu that night included salmon, smoked duck, beef tenderloin and a cheese plate, all deliciously paired with Angelo’s wines from his vineyards in Monterey County and California’s Central Coast. Angelo passionately described his perception of the nose and palate of all the wines tasted and his meticulous winemaking process.


Angelo Pera’s winemaking career started in 1993, fresh out of Business School. “Learning the business aspects of running a winery was fairly easy for me,” says Angelo – “It was 7 years of schooling (4 years of undergraduate and 3 years of MBA). The winemaking, however, took much more time”. 


Angelo has an incredible fascination with Old World winemaking techniques but is inspired to utilize cutting-edge, new-age winemaking techniques to master his craft. “Winemaking has come a long way, and it makes sense to keep up with modern winemaking techniques.” In today’s wine business, there is little room for mediocrity. The push for better wines is insatiable. Angelo’s preferred winemaking style allows for ample aromas, derived naturally from the vineyard and grapes. Not overusing oak barrels is essential in producing an aromatic wine.


Angelo took over the reins of Mountain View Winery in 2010. He now produces wines of distinctive varietal character and quality. The majority of Angelo’s wines are single-vineyard and single varietal. As far as his winemaking, Angelo says he will never be done learning – it is a true passion that has been developed over the last 20 years.


You will notice that the wines from Mountain View in this Cellar are new brands to Opimian. As our partnership evolves, Angelo has become more comfortable trusting us with the jewels in his crown. The namesake Mountain View Wines is a range that expresses the terroir of various California wine regions. They provide strong varietal character in each white, rosé and red.


Backstage is Angelo’s premium line. It is made in such small batches that he has to limit quantities to all of its fans. We are so very fortunate that we have been given the opportunity to experience these incredible wines. I for one will be taken back to 2017 – only better!