A Sustainable Cellar

Sustainabilty is one of Opimian’s core values. From eliminating plastic in our Cellar Offering packaging, to supporting causes like South Africa’s Adama Foundation and the 2041 Foundation, to reducing our carbon footprint by being mindful about wine containers, we are actively committed to sustainability.


We dubbed this issue “The Sustainability Cellar”, as our winemakers are equally committed to these values. Bruno Le Breton at Domaine de la Jasse identifies three pillars of sustainability: social, environmental and economic. From an environmental point of view, Bruno felt the most widespread organic certifications in Europe didn’t go far enough. Organic farming uses a lot of sulphur, which is derived from oil and gas and thus has a high carbon footprint. Copper also depletes the planet of non-renewable resources, which does not respect the principles of sustainability. This is why, although his wines are produced in an environmentally sustainable manner, you won’t see our “organic” icon attached to the Domaine de la Jasse wines.  


In Bruno’s words, “We all have the same objective, and that is to be mindful of the health of our employees and neighbours, while generating economic benefits ensuring the sustainability of our businesses, giving back to society, and ultimately producing wine at a reasonable price for the consumer.” To earn their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) certification, Domaine de la Jasse has really stepped up to the plate. They have improved water management in the vineyard and the cellar, reduced their fuel consumption, improved their recycling program, reduced their carbon emissions, improved the quality of their soils, developed local activities, produced solar power and co-authored a responsible wine tasting charter. 


Charlotte Lemstra and the 2041 Foundation 

Young Fleur de Charlotte winemaker Charlotte Lemstra is equally dedicated to sustainability and the environment. Growing up in the vineyards beside her parents Floris and Victoria Lemstra of Chateau Canet, Charlotte learned to cherish the environment and about sustainability early on. The design of the Fleur de Charlotte labels reflects this connection: “Poppies have always reminded me of walking through the vineyards when I was small and because they can’t survive in a vase I could never pick them, so had to leave and appreciate them amidst the vines.”  

Charlotte has always been interested in sustainability and participated in a humanitarian mission in Borneo in 2018 before starting her studies at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. About 2 years ago Charlotte met Robert Swan, the man behind the 2041 Expedition. Rob has the distinction of being the first person to walk to both the North and South Poles, and after chatting about his dedication to sustainability and the preservation of Antarctica, she jumped at the opportunity to join him on his next Antarctic expedition. 


The opportunity to go to Antarctica and be exposed to the impacts of climate change firsthand, as well as working alongside leaders in the field of climate change and sustainability, is not something I could turn down! It will give me a greater understanding and broaden my perspective regarding the impact of this global issue, and I’m determined to learn and take in as much as possible to make this often intangible phenomenon an experience that I can share with my sponsors and their communities. Ultimately, I hope to spread the message of sustainability far and wide and encourage Opimian members to join the community of climate pioneers, and what better motivation than wine! 


To go however, I had to fundraise my expedition fees, so after formally applying and being accepted to join the mission, I set my fundraising goal at 20,000€ ($30,000 CAD), and have been on a fundraising journey ever since. I decided to go down the corporate funding route and create partnerships with companies, such as Opimian, to drive change and encourage a shift towards sustainability in the workplace as I really believe this is the future. So far I’ve had great success with corporate funding and have raised around 90% of my goal, and am hugely grateful to Opimian for their generous support as my primary sponsor! 


The expedition will take place March 24 – April 4, 2022, after having been postponed due to the Covid crisis.  


“I am so excited for the Fleur de Charlotte wine sales to be part of my fundraising campaign, as it merges two parts of my life: growing up in the vineyards and my drive for a sustainable future. “ 


Proceeds from the Fleur de Charlotte wines will be used to support Charlotte on her expedition. Charlotte and Opimian will take you along on her journey via our blog and social media. Stay tuned! 



Order our sustainable wines through August 16, 2021