A look at things to come—Opimian's 2023 Cellar season

If 2022 gave us the promise of a ‘new normal’ then surely 2023 will be an exciting and liberating year. Opimian’s 2023 Cellar season will begin with C300 in November. It will mark the beginning of Opimian’s 50th year! That is a milestone that many Clubs never reach, let alone being as vibrant and relevant as we are. Thanks to you, the Members, the Club is healthy, interesting, and an integral part of the Canadian wine industry.


Michael Lutzman Managing Director


New masters of wine will be introduced


By the time you read this, C300 will have been tasted by our Senior Manager of Procurement, Louise Wilson MW, and one of our new Masters of Wine, Michael Palij, MW. You will learn all about them and their expertise in the first Cellar of the season. There will be more announcements and introductions as the year progresses. You won’t want to miss how this diversity of talent will enhance our enjoyment of wine and spirits.


Speaking of spirits


In response to the recent Member Survey, we have already started to offer more spirits while adding to the wine selections as well. The exciting Harris Beach Whisky rollout in this issue is an excellent example of things to come. Watch for many other opportunities to experience the best the world has to offer.


Harris beach whisky


A new subscription & exciting news on existing subscriptions


Whether you’re already a subscriber, you’ve never subscribed to Founders Choice or The Masters Case, or you haven’t been in the program for a while, you’re going to want to count yourself in for 2023. There will never be a better time to drink and collect exceptional wines with exceptional value. Details will be shared as C300 approaches.


master case


Travel is back!


The ‘toe in the water’ that was our trip to France in May was a huge success. It sold out quickly and the Members on the trip report having had a marvelous experience. “Trip of a lifetime!” was one of the comments from the survey. As a result, we are planning two Opimian trips in 2023. Watch for details on South America in the spring and Italy in the fall. It is nothing short of astonishing how welcoming our partners are around the world. The hospitality they extend to Opimian Members is always first class.


opimian travel